Quality without compromise! Only the strongest suppliers who pass all checks. We deliver products in special containers, observing product proximity and temperature conditions.


Among our products, only high-quality products are grown naturally. Like our customers, we care about the environment and choose kraft packaging


We love our customers and that is why our store offers the fastest delivery directly to your home! For your convenience, we accept payment in cash or through the payment system on the store's website.

Welcome to our website, dear friend!Our team has been working in the field of fruit sales for 20 years, and only recently we have entered the space of the Internet.We work to make your life easier and bring a huge amount of vitamins and useful products to it!

Our goal is satisfied customers and excellent home delivery service of quality products! We will surprise you with our professionalism and prove that online shopping is fast, convenient, and most importantly, safe! With us, you will forget about exhausting trips to the store, so just trust us and let us take you to the world of guarantees, quality and a wide range of products!


Minimum order quantity: 0.50 kg

Calorie content (per 100 g): 29 kcal

Storage period: up to 2 weeks

Storage conditions: from +2°C to +5°C at 90% humidity


Minimum order quantity: 0.50 kg

Calorie content (per 100 g): 47 kcal

Storage period: up to three weeks

Storage conditions: + 7°С ... +10°С at humidity 80% - 90%


Minimum order quantity: 0.50 kg

Calorie content (per 100g): 42 kcal

Storage period: from 7 to 14 days

Storage conditions: from +2°C to +5°C at 85-90% humidity

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For wholesale buyers, there is a separate price with favorable prices and a wide assortment. A wider range of products is available to order. For all questions, call: 481-57-36

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